1 Love Ambassadors

1Love Ambassadors

What is a 1 Love Surfing ambassador?

A 1Love Surfing Ambassador is someone who, due to his or her love of surfing, represents and endorses the brand in a positive way.

As brand custodians, ambassadors will receive free products rather like being a sponsored surfer without the competitive element. In return, they are expected to spread the word of the 1Love Surfing movement.

1Love Ambassadors

Who can become an ambassador?

A 1Love Surfing ambassador must:

  • be a member of the 1 Love select surfing society
  • be a passionate surfer with a reasonable level of expertise
  • understand the etiquette and rules of surfing
  • care about the surfing environment

Become a 1 Love Ambassador?

Would you like to become an Ambassador?

Let us know in a couple of words why you'd make a good ambassador for 1 Love Surfing Please provide us with your membership ID

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