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1 Love Surfing members form an environmental movement which is dedicated to protecting our ocean playgrounds from destruction and demise. Together we look at surfing-related causes that may need our support and provide donations to the appropriate foundations and organisations.

Currently we are supporting the Surfrider foundation with donations from every membership sold!

1Love Movement

Endangered Waves

North Narrabeen, NSW

Threats: Coastal Development, Polluted Water, Visual Amenity

North Narrabeen is a famous break threatened by an oversized man-made sand dune that is locking up the sand and disrupting the banks that make for North Narrabeen's famous barrelling left and the Alley channel rights. The dune also restricts the lagoon from flushing during dry periods, closing the estuary entrance for extended periods and reducing lagoon and surf water quality.

Surfrider Foundation Northern Beaches Branch and the local community are working hard to engage with local Government to ensure the surf and beach amenity, water quality and coastal ecosystems are returned to their former condition and protected for future generations. Surfrider has been calling for a management regime for the dune by relocating sand to South Narrabeen where it is needed. A nearby sewage outfall adds to the problems associated with lagoon outflow into the surf zone.

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