Surfers Insurance for 1 Love members

1 Love and Surfing Insurance?

1 Love Surfing is excited to announce that a local Insurance Broker by the name of Carriers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd (AFSL 246632) from Mona Vale have come on board to organise a 24/7 Australia-wide Surfers Insurance policy for 1 Love members.

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing especially considering how many dangers we surfers face every time we enter the water, like rock jumps, fin chops, heavy wipeouts, sharks and so on.

Now when getting away for those epic surf trips up or down the coast, it’s good to know you are covered against major surfing injuries. This Surfers Insurance policy a small price to pay for your health, safety and reassurance in the surf.

As it stands this Surfing Insurance policy is innovative and has the potential to become even better. Quarterly meetings will be held with Ambassadors on how to improve the policy over due time.

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Scope of Coverage

Policy offered to 1 Love Members

Australia wide, 24/7 coverage for injuries as outlined below that have occurred in the ocean whilst carrying out non-motorised saltwater ocean sports (e.g. surfing/swimming). Maximum lump sum claim payment of $50,000.

This policy covers Death, Permanent Total Disablement &/or one of the listed injuries below which have resulted in the Ocean/Saltwater during the period of insurance. Full and partial payments will be made depending on the injury that has occurred. See the policy wording for full details on the coverage which can be obtained through Carriers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd via

This full or part payment can go towards rehabilitation costs, Non-Medicare benefit related costs, loss of earnings while off work injured, replacement of surfboards, funeral costs or whatever else the insured or their beneficiary wishes to utilise the payment on at their own discretion.

Brief Overview of Insured Events

  • Death &/or Permanent Total Disablement
  • Permanent & incurable paralysis of all limbs
  • Permanent total loss of sight of one or both eyes
  • Permanent Total Loss of Use of one or two limbs
  • Permanent and incurable insanity
  • Permanent Total Loss of hearing in one or both ears
  • Permanent Total Loss of fingers, toes, eye lens, joints
  • Temporary partial Disablement caused directly and solely by injury
  • Broken bones
  • Exposure
  • Disappearance
NOTE: The above is not an automatic offer of insurance, please contact Carriers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd for details on how to obtain further information &/or coverage under this policy. This policy covers major accidents occurring in the ocean from the use of non-motorised water sports and if you require any other types of insurance to cover your individual needs and circumstances please contact your insurance provider. Further details regarding Carriers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd can be found on their website

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